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Hi, I’m Rasmus Bååth, researcher at Lund University Cognitive Science in Sweden. I just finished a PHD focused on music cognition and especially rhythm perception and production. Otherwise I’m interested in statistics and statistical computing. I’m also a big fan of the statistical programming environment R. My blog is syndicated on R-bloggers and StatsBlogs two great sites if you are interested in R and statistics. Everything published on my blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

If you want to contact me you can do so via mail (r… or just tweet me on twitter (@rabaath)!

For unclear reasons I run a drinks blog over at It’s in Swedish but focuses on minimalist drinks with only two ingrediets (which are called groggs in Sweden) so you should be able to figure it out! :)

I believe that if you haven’t tried using Bayesian statistics you’re really missing out on something. Why not do some Bayesian statistics right now in the browser and try my Bayesian “t-test” demo featuring MCMC in javascript!

If you interested in child language do check out this other webpage of mine: